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Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a new day !

I am still putting all my mothers beads away!! She has little tiny,tiny beads up to Giant beads. I don't know just yet, what I am going to do with all of these beads. Thought about selling them on e bay. I did put some of the odd beads on e bay and they didn't sell. I might try to sell them on etsy. As I continue to go through each box I am finding strange beads. I keep saying, out loud to my Mom, "O.K. Mom, where did you find this bead??, it is butt ugly"!! My Mother, rest her soul, belonged to a beading club. The group of ladies, would make trips to different bead shops in different areas, as a group and purchase beads. These ladies would all go to lunch together once a week and each would bring a special bead for every lady at lunch. I found a big box full of these little 2" bags full of 5 to 10 different beads. there were hundreds of the little bags. None of them matching. I guess I will have several grab bags of beads to sell.

I have been working very hard to learn to make a few canes. About 1 in 3 turn out well enough to maybe sell. The canes that don't turn out, will make lovely beads. No waste of clay there. I have been working hard to get an inventory built to start my etsy store. It has been real fun making a few pieces. I have been making key chains the last few nights. Soon I will have pictures to show you.

Speaking of pictures, That was the most frustrating thing I have gone through lately. Every picture that I took of my jewelry wouldn't turn out. I then was reminded, on how I take pictures of my Ebay items and the edit them on the computer. Well duh, do it the same way, and voila. Perfect pictures!

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