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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stephanie's Creations

Welcome to Stephanie's Creations. Having a blog is new to me. Working with polymer clay is new to me as well.

I have always, as long as I can remember, been a creative person. My Mother and I started our own needlepoint design shop. We designed the pictures and put the kits together. We sold them once a month at the Rose Bowl swap meet in Los Angeles, California. While at the swap meet we feel in love with these tiny bud vases and animals that had a spray of dried flowers in them. We bought so many of these items to sell to our family and friends that my Mother and I decided to start making them our self. My Mother has always been my best friend and my partner in crime. We went to the ceramic store and bought a large kiln and all the supplies we needed to start our own ceramic business. We started to sell our ceramic items along side of our needlepoint kits. Over time we realized that the other people selling the miniature ceramic vases were no longer there. We had the market to ourselves. My Mother and I continued making and selling our ceramics for several years until I moved to Washington state.

Shortly after my husband and I moved to the Seattle area, my Mother and Father moved to Seattle as well. I was so very happy to have them here in Seattle. I had missed my Mother so much. They bought some property. They moved in with us while building their house. My Mother and I started to crochet and make pull over vest and shawls. We bought so much yarn we didn't know where to put it all. We found the swap meet here in the Seattle area and set up shop. We did very well with our crochet items. From there we moved on to making apple head dolls on plaques with miniature accessories. These make a big hit in the area. By this time we had put out items into a gift shop in 3 malls in the Seattle area. We added bread baskets to our line. These bread baskets were made of dehydrated biscuits and silk flowers. The customers loved our baskets! Several year later, my Mother and I started to make small minature dolls out on felt and pipe cleaners. They are cute and I might start to sell them. My sister Loretta got me into making rubber stamp cards. I loved that craft for a very long time. Many times my Mother, Loretta and myself would stamp together. My Mother went on to learn how to bead and make jewelry. She was just as crazy about buying beads as she was with all our other crafts. When She passed a way I was left all of her beads. I since went through all the boxes and she must hast $5000.00 worth of beads. My new art interest is making beads out of polymer clay. I am new at it. I think it will be my new love. I have since organize all my Mothers beads in my studio and will mix the beads with my polymer beads. I also want to learn to make polymer canes. the only trouble I find coming my way, is that I can't learn fast enought. I want it now. I want to beable to make beatuiful canes now!!


  1. wonderful blog, steph!! unfortunatly, patience is part of polymer clay, but you will learn....and you will become totally addicted, just like i am! luv ya suni

  2. Thank you very nice story with beautiful memories of your mother.