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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Expanding on my business!!

I am going to do some back tracking here. Back in November I was looking at Facebook and I saw some very pretty roses made out of paper. I commented on the beautiful roses and Anna Fearer from More Paper Than Shoes invited me to join her group.

This was the first time, since my sister Loretta passed that I had ANY interest in make ANYTHING out of paper. I had packed up all of my stamping and paper products. I couldn't bare to see them as this was something I did with Loretta!!

I took a class of Anna's and started to make some roses. I feel I caught on very quick. Here are some of the early roses.

                  After some practice, I believe I am getting better.

                                These are a 1/2" across!!
                                                  These too!

January is a mixed month of emotion.  My youngest son James birthday is the 21st. Gwen's 7th birthday is the 19th. That same day, my Mother passed away. Gwen and I talk about that day and every time she says that, she saw my Mom going to Heaven when she was coming to this earth!! Who knows, I believe her!!  Also this month on the 13th my beloved Brother Rocky passed away. Can't believe it has been 1 year for him and 7 years for my Mother and Father. It was 3 years in July that my sister Loretta passed.

OK Lord, No more for a while, please??  Looking forward to February 2012!!

Christmas 2011

Wow, I can't believe 1/2 the month of January is already over!  

December came and went. Christmas was a little depressing for me. I am not working and couldn't buy all the things I wanted for my children and grandchildren. The adults, we all trade names, so that was fine. I usually get to spend a lot on the grandchildren. This year I had to keep it to a 5 present limit and under $50.00 each for each child.  After the children opened their presents, I realized that they were happy with what Santa bought. They each sat and played with their toys. It was a difficult holiday as it was the first holiday my oldest son Chris and the 2 daughters Kraysa and Gwen, spent without their Mother there. Their Mother and Father are in the process of a divorce. It will be better next year!!!!
                   James was sitting across the room behind the girls
 Kraysa's Big gift was a book of poems and stories for young ladies . One for every day of the year!
 You can see the look on Gweneys face, she was really happy with what Santa brought her!!
                                       Chris with his 2 beautiful daughter Kraysa and Gwen!