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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January is past, Start of a new month, February!

I believe Rocky is about 4 months old.

I think Rocky is almost 3 years old.

He is helping Daddy cut the lawn!!

I believe I am 5, Rocky 4 and Steven almost 3

What's the chicken doing inside the house????

Rocky, Steven and our puppy going for a ride in our pool!

Swimming at the Cub Scouts

Rocky takes all 5 first place!!!

Swimming for Hollywood High school


Off to the Army!!

Rocky takes a Wife and Life Partner

Rocky and Esther are thinking of starting their family

Family of 4, Daniel and Angela

Daddy joins Daniel and Angela bath time!!

Off to Hawaii


Rocky  fights a GOOD BATTLE!!!!
He was 56 years young!

June 18, 1954 - January 13, 2011

December and January were hard months to live through! December has always been a hard month, because I have lost so many people in my family. January 13th was not so good either. We lost my beloved Brother Rocky. The five children in my family have always been close. I had a special relationship with my Brother Rocky!! He was a year younger than me and he was my playmate.We had so much fun growing up. Along with my youngest Brother Steven. We were the "Smith Kids". Everyone knew of us. Be it at school, the swim team or in the neighborhood. We had made a reputation for ourselves. Nothing harmful just a little overly fun. We moved into this older house and it had a backyard that kept us 3 kids busy.  After living there for a few years, my folks put a build in pool (A cement pond) in the backyard. All 3 of us excelled at swimming. Both of my brothers were hopeful Olympic swimmers. We all went to Hollywood high and swam for them. After high school, Rocky went into the Army. He meet his lovely wife Esther and they married. They had 2 beautiful children, Daniel and Angela. Rocky was a wonderful family man. Giving them everything he thought they needed. In the last year and a half, Rocky developed liver and adrenal cancer. The doctors told them, he had about 2 months to live. He went onto see Halloween, Christmas, their wedding anniversary then Summer and another Christmas.He passed on January 13th 2011. Such a sad day.  He left all of our lives so enriched. He was such a warm, loving sweet man. I am proud to call him my BROTHER!!! I LOVE You Rocky!


  1. Very Nice Tribute Stephanie. I too have lost a very close brother and I understand. It has been many years...but I still miss him.

  2. This is lovely Stephanie. I lost a son March 3, 2004. Time does not make it any easier, but your tribute but your brother is very dear to me.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do, Stephanie. Such a tribute wouldn't have occurred to me when my brother passed in '06. Gentle blessings to you and to your whole family. ~Janet

  4. Stephanie, i am so sorry for your loss...but i must say your tribute to Rocky was a spectacular way to celebrate his life and how he touched people in his was very well said, beautiful...and loved the pictures...
    also congrats on the seventeen pound weight loss, that is amazing...I' too have a LOT of weight to lose, so know that battle all to well and have begun my journey to wellness in will be in my thoughts and prayers...hugs...christen

  5. Thank you Sandee,Ruthanne,Janet and Christin. It means so much that you came to my blog and read about my brother Rocky!!!

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  7. I'm so sorry for your loss, how wonderful that you could remember him here.
    I lost my brother in Vietnam in 1966, it's a very hard thing to have happen, to have someone taken from you.
    I'll be thinking about you and yourl family.