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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New month ~ New year

New month ~ New year With the new month and year I decided to try something new. I have always loved to look at every ones baby dolls, big dolls, and fantasy dolls. Don't get me wrong I still love to cane and make jewelry. My group that I belong to was going to have a sculpting challenge. First heads, then hands, and then feet. Sounds like the makings of a doll there. I decided I would join this challenge and try my hand at scupting. Now let me remind you, I have never sculpted before. My first head, I thought looked pretty good. After having it critiqued, it needs some reworking. I exspected that. The news, didn't break my heart. I have discovered my eyes are shot by mid afternoon, if I sit on the computer all morning. So I have desided to sculpt in the morning when my eyes are fresh. Here is a peak at my first head.


  1. Hi, Stephanie-going through message list again and decided to visit your blog! Looks like your work is coming along very well. You mention the Beginners Polymer Clay that online or in Seattle somewhere. You know there is a Northwest Polymer Clay Guild, with a lot of nice people in it and they can be a great resource. It costs me ferry money and a whole day to go when I was attending, which is why I quit, but it might be an easy drive for you from Auburn?

  2. I don't drive at night, but I would really LOVE to go!